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Prime Factorization, Primal Test, Prime List, Twin Primes, Prime Count

Visual Basic Prime Suit
Prime Factorization Application, Prime List Generator, Twin Primes Finder, Prime Count Calculator

This program does three different functions. The button “Factorization” opens an easy prime factorization calculator. The second button “List” opens a prime list generator that finds out pairs of twin primes in addition to list of primes. The button “Count” opens a calculator that counts the number of primes within two given numbers. The windows that the buttons open are named Euclid, Eratosthenes, and Gauss respectively.

Apurba Prime is portable. That means, it does not come with an installer, and naturally does not require installation. The user can keep it on a pen drive or anywhere he wishes and run it from there. This application is developed using Visual Basic.


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“Apurba Prime – neat and handy little freeware that lets you resolve given composite numbers into prime factors, view lists of primes, and easily count primes between two given numbers.”

An Android prime factorization application Adrito Moulik by the same developer is available on Google Play. This application performs prime factorization and primal test.
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